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Le grand fromage and chief junkmail-sorter extraordinaire, Laura is the heart and soul of New Moon Photography. She realized, back in the day, that her vision, empathy and yen for a challenge (and her impatience with her art - instant gratification is built into photography, after all) all pointed towards a career as a lenswoman. Now she happily bounces around the greater Portland area, cameras in tow, a conduit of experience and skill through which her clients' personalities and style shine. 

"I fell in love with photography when I was a little girl...toting around town with my trusty 110. I took photos of everything and everyone! But, the passion really kicked in when I discovered what I could do with my father's Canon AE-1. I have been on a photographic journey ever since. In 1989 my grandfather built me a darkroom where I spent most of my time, crawling out of the darkness to occasionally eat or take more photos. Then I was off to college, beginning my studies as a photography major. I soon transferred to West Virginia University where I graduated with a BS degree in Journalism. My focus in photography, at that time, was in photojournalism and fine art. I moved to New Orleans after college and really developed my passion for photographing people...New Orleans offered me plenty of unique subjects, as you can imagine! I moved to Portland in 1997 and started shooting more weddings and more portraits...loving every minute of it! I gave birth to my daughter in 1999, as well as my business which was then called New Moon Events and Photography. I have nurtured both babies for the past sixteen years! Hard work, but completely gratifying! 

"When it comes to weddings, I am often more than the photographer. I help the bride and groom plan their wedding day schedule at our walk-thru, oversee corset-lacing and boutonniere-pinning on their wedding day, strategically handle complex family politics during group photos, fetch the bride's bouquet when the bridesmaids forget to bring it outside with them, remind the bride to get the picture!

"I love weddings! But, I also enjoy photographing families, babies, senior portraits, and I LOVE boudoir photography! (I know how to find your good angles, ladies!)

"My commercial photography experience includes many types of events, professional headshots, architectural photography, food and restaurants, and marketing photography for all types of businesses, products, and services."


My daily routine as Laura’s right-hand-(wo)man looks a little something like this: Starbucks run for Laura’s non-coffee, get molested by Jack the Pekingese, watch Spongebob while editing and simultaneously listening to music, get molested by Arlo the cat, write some emails, put together some albums, feed Laura, smush Simon the cat’s face, try to be clever (doesn’t always work, as evidenced), all while attempting to organize anything and everything that needs it. Thus is the cumulation of a successful workday!

I’m a full-time student at PSU, and minoring in photography, majoring in "undecided." I’ve been photographing things ever since my parent’s got me a point-and-shoot for high-school graduation.. which was quite a while ago which means I’m the “mature” one in class. I’m good at documentary-style photojournalistic photography, and enjoy edgy fashion-ish portraiture. Other interests include an unhealthy obsession with So You Think You Can Dance, my betta fish Adam Shankman (see?!), Formula One racing, my growing collection of Japanese maple trees, MMA fighting (Just retire already Randy Couture!) and throwing a helluva good Cinco de Mayo party with my boyfriend.